We got the first stage of the greens renovation program started last Monday with the hollow coring and sanding of the greens. Thank you all for your understanding and courtesy during this necessary but disruptive task on the course. A special thanks to the RGA who lost their Monday and the ladies on Tuesday as we had to brush greens during play. Next week, weather permitting, we will be doing the second phase which will commence on Thursday 17th next and we will do our utmost to cause as little disruption as possible to play. The second phase entails a full over-seeding of greens and will take the full day. We will need to close 6 greens on a rolling basis and we will hopefully be starting very early and close the first 6 holes and then the last 6 and finally the middle 6. This will be the last part of our greens maintenance program to prepare our greens for the coming winter and ready for 2021. Over the next month we will also need to put out 200 ton of fairway sand and we will post the days as soon as days are picked for this very important task. Again thank you all for your patience and understanding during this necessary works program on your course.