Course News

We got the first stage of the greens renovation program started last Monday with the hollow coring and sanding of the greens. Thank you all for your understanding and courtesy during this necessary but disruptive task on the course. A special thanks to the RGA who lost their Monday and the ladies on Tuesday as we had to brush greens during play. Next week, weather permitting, we will be doing the second phase which will commence on Thursday 17th next and we will do our utmost to cause as little disruption as possible to play. The second phase entails a full over-seeding of greens and will take the full day. We will need to close 6 greens on a rolling basis and we will hopefully be starting very early and close the first 6 holes and then the last 6 and finally the middle 6. This will be the last part of our greens maintenance program to prepare our greens for the coming winter and ready for 2021. Over the next month we will also need to put out 200 ton of fairway sand and we will post the days as soon as days are picked for this very important task. Again thank you all for your patience and understanding during this necessary works program on your course.

Due to Covid19 restrictions we have, up until now, been unable to allow members use sand bags to repair divot marks. We have now decided to start using bags again, due to the high number of unrepaired divots, but in a covid responsible way. As soon as we get a supply of bags in, we will be introducing a scheme whereby every person who plays on the course will be REQUIRED to check in at the Golf Shop and collect a sand bag which they can then fill by hand from the bin of sand which will be, as before, near the 1st tee box. As we kept ‘Losing” bags in the past we will require everyone who gets a bag to pay a fully refundable deposit for the sand bags of €2 or €3 which on return of the ’empty’ bag to the shop will be repaid. If you wish to keep the bag that is ok too but we keep the deposit.

We have a lot of activity on the course at present with the weather allowing us get back out to start cutting the rough again. Tommy got most of the rough tidied up during the week and the course is looking fantastic for this time of year which bodes well for the months ahead. Aren’t those greens just incredible. Over the next week or so we will be starting our fairway sanding program with the application of over one hundred tonnes of sand on the fairways. This will, over time, bring our fairways to a better standard drainage wise. There should only be minimal disruption while we carry out this very important operation on the fairways. We will continue to do this monthly over the next five months, weather permitting. Also, please keep fixing those pitch marks on the greens.