Welcome to Callan Golf Club BOOK TEE TIMES Superb Fairways and Greens BOOK TEE TIMES Warm and Friendly Clubhouse BOOK TEE TIMES "Probably the friendliest Golf Club In Ireland" BOOK TEE TIMES Welcome to Callan Golf Club BOOK TEE TIMES
1st   Helena McCormack]     30 pts..
2nd Anne Croke                          27 pts.
3rd  Breda Ryan                          26 pts. c/b
4th  Anna Starr                            26 pts. c/b
5th  Margaret Comerford    26 pts. c/b
6th  Sheelagh Foster             26 pts

Birdie Tree results
Cat: 0 – 18        Rita O’Neill
Cat: 19 – 20     Pauline O’Brien
Car: 30 -36     Anna Starr
Christmas hamper re- entry results
1st  Helena Mc Cormack
2nd Ann Wemyss
Golfer of the Year
ann Wemyss
I.L.G.U medals
Silver medal : Teresa Freyne
Bronze medal: Anne Croke
Silve Spoon:  Mandy O’Brienn