Men's Results

Duggan Cup.
Callan played Wicklow on Tuesday 13th with 3 away and 2 at home in this 2nd round match.
The knowledge the home team had of their course and particularly on the Greens was a major factor with the deciding match being sealed by Wicklow on the 18th against the middle pairing. Away team was Pat Parle, Tony O’Driscoll, Denis Collins, Jim Wellwood, Peter Ryan and Richard Gypps. At home Paddy Donovan and Johnny Kennedy won on the 19th while John Ryan and Jimmy Dunne were still all square after 19 when called in. Well done to all involved for fighting to the end and thanks to Kevin O’Driscoll for managing the team.

Pierce Purcell.
This 3rd round match was played on Sat 17th with Callan having 3 at home and 2 away. The home team was John Mitchell / Niall O’Connor, Liam & James Rafter, Paddy Donovan / Dylan Kealy while the away players were Benny McGuire / Tommy Coyne and Peter Ryan / Gordon Peppard. The first home match was won on the 15th while the next 2 lost on the 17th and 16th respectively. Rosslare won one of the 2 matches down there while Peter Ryan and Gordon Peppard were called in.
Thanks to Johnny Kennedy for pulling a large panel together and to all of those who turned up for the practice sessions, a good sign for the future.

Upcoming matches.
Jimmy Bruen team play Gowran on Friday 23rd at 5.30pm with 2 matches at home and 3 away.
Best of Luck to all involved and your support would be appreciated in this quarter final.
Our Barton team play Rosslare on Sunday August 1st at 3pm with 3 at home and 2 away.

             Overall        Derek Hally (44)             46 pts
             Division 1   Gerald Brett (14)         39 pts
             Gross          Patrrick O’Hara (1)      37 pts gross.
             Division 2   Philip O’Connor (27)   42 pts

South Leinster
Callan’s match against Gowran on Thursday 8th July went down to the wire in this competition where 7 players take part in Singles match play so the first team to win 4 matches gets through to the next round.
With 4 matches at home and 3 away, Callan looked in good shape with 2 wins in Gowran from Tony O’Driscoll and P J Farrell and 1 from Patrick Dalton at home. Shane Kenny lost on the 17th in Gowran.
Two of the home matches were decided on the 18th Green with Joe Tierney and Brian O’Donnell missing out so it was down to the last player where Stephen Kelly was unlucky to be beaten on the 20th (2nd extra hole). Well done to all involved in managing and playing for this team, they were so close to winning in all of the 4 matches that were lost.
Jimmy Bruen
This match was played on Saturday afternoon with 3 matches in Carlow and 2 at home which was a tough task given the large membership Carlow can draw on and their course being one of the most challenging in the region. The away pairs proved up to the task with James Logue and Sean Lyster winning 3 and 2. James Holden and David Morris were beaten by the same score while Nicky Morrissey and Eoin O’Sullivan were all square after 18 and heading off down the 19th.
Meanwhile back in Callan both matches were ding dong affairs the whole way. Any advantage was soon dragged back and there was no time where either side could be picked as likely winners. After 18 holes the first pairing of James Donovan and Johnny Kennedy were tied and so headed off down the 19th and then the 20th. Meanwhile our 2nd pairing of Keith O’Dwyer and John Mitchell were 1 up on the 18th tee and halved that hole so we finally had 1 winner in Callan.
Back to the 1st match which by now was on the 21st which was halved as was the 22nd. Finally on the 23rd (5th extra hole) following a great drive by Johnny Kennedy and a good first putt by him, James Donovan holed the most important putt for a deserved win for Callan.
The final match in Carlow was then called in so the overall result is 3.5 to 1.5 and on to the quarter finals to be played on or before July 25th against either Gowran or Rathdowney.
Barton Cup.
This brought Callan up against Borris who had despatched Kilkenny in the previous round and so were a side to be given full respect. Callan had 3 matches at home and 2 away.
Niall O’Sullivan and Niall O’Connor won the 1st match in Borris on the 18th while James Holden and David Morris were beaten. At home in Callan, Ross Holden and Liam Rafter won 2 and 1, Denis Murphy and Sean Lyster won on the 18th and Richie Condon with Eddie Culleton were called in while looking like they would win their match so the overall result was 3.5 to 1.5. The next round is against Rosslare to be played on or before August 1st.  
Upcoming matches
The Duggan cup 2nd round is Tuesday July 13th at 3.30 pm V Wicklow.
The next round of the Pierce Purcell against Rosslare is provisionally on Saturday 17th at 3.00pm.
Best of Luck to all involved and your support would be appreciated.

Overall JUNIOR Scratch Cup winner Liam O’Hara(4) Kilkenny GC 77
2nd Laurence Ronan (4) 79
Best Nett Aaron Ronan (9) Nett 72
Two’s club receive 10 euro per two recorded.

Overall INTERMEDIATE scratch cup winner Adam Comerford Castlecomer G.C. with 78
Second was Michael Murphy Callan GC with 82

Best Nett was Billy Irwin (18) with 85 which is 67 nett

Our first monthly medal saw some good scoring with 64 being the winning score.
We also had a level par Gross score by Sean Lyster – great golf.

Overall Philip Cunningham (24) 64 60 euro
Division 1 Sean Lyster (5) 66 40 euro
Gross Ross Holden (2) 73 30 euro (71 Gross)
Division 2 Michael Kealy (14) 66 40 euro
Division 3 Joe Murdock (40) 67 40 euro

Two’s club payout 10 euro per two scored.

Our first Open singles competition attracted a larger than usual number of Visitors
which hopefully will continue through the summer.

Overall Con Dooley (17) 42 pts 50 euro
Division 1 Nigel Dagg (9) 40 pts 25 euro
Gross Nicky Morrissey (7) 39 pts 25 euro
Division 2 Billy Mernagh (21) 39 pts 25 euro
Visitor Joe Gannon (17) 39 pts 40 euro

Two’s club payout is 10 euro per 2.

Another great turnout this weekend.

We are trialing a change in the Divisional categories with 3 Divisions instead of 2.
This is to give players an increased chance of winning at their handicap range.
We will keep this monitored and may tweak it further in the weeks ahead depending on its impact.

A fantastic score won the weekend’s Overall and the Divisional winners had great scores too.
Particular mention to Patrick O’Hara with a 2 under par Gross score – he was 4 under par after 9.

Overall Robbie Prendergast (23) 46 pts 70 euro
Division 1 Patrick O’Hara (2) 40 pts 50 euro
Gross Keith O’Dwyer (4) 37 pts, 33 pts gross Back 6 30 euro
Division 2 John Millea (16) 40 pts 50 euro
Division 3 Kevin O’Meara (23) 37 pts 50 euro

Overall Ted Walsh (15) 44 pts 50 euro
Div 1 Cathal Byrne (5) 36 pts 25 euro
Gross Ross Holden (2) 36 pts (34 gross) 20 euro
Div 2 Niall O’Connor (12) 37 pts 25 euro