Captains Drive in.

Our Captains, Anna Corr and Joe Madigan, drive in went ahead on Saturday morning last despite ‘Jorge’ rearing his head in the afternoon! We had good weather for it, if a bit cold, and a fantastic number turned out for the drive in and we had in excess of forty for a sit down meal afterwards. All new 2020 officers drove off well on the first with no one in the water. Now that we have the year officially started we can only hope that the storms will stop and let us get on with our golf

Ladies Section.

It has been an awful February to date and hopefully it will ease off for a better month in March and let us play some Golf.

Men’s Section.

Once again the weather played havoc with our weekly competitions with no OPEN competition on Wednesday and both Saturday and Sundays weekend competition also canceled.  February was certainly a month to be forgotten from a golf point of view as the weather played havoc with our golf sending us three storms. There are some good points in that our greens have held up very well and despite some scaring on a few holes should be in very good condition going into the main playing season. While we have had incredible rainfall over the last month and most of the winter the course is drying well. A few good dry days and it will be more than playable.


We are now TWO months into the playing year and while many members have made the effort to pay their subscriptions some have not. The office is open seven days a week to facilitate payment and we also have many options available to you including a new direct debit system which can be paid over 6 months. From next year we hope to introduce the direct debit system to everyone which will be of great benefit to your Club and to you as you can spread your subscription payments over the year at a very minimal cost. It allows the club to budget better and it means you will not have one big cost at a difficult time of year for most people, finance wise.