OPEN Results

Overall winner Brian Coen(12) 42 pts
Div 1 John Maher(12) 41 pts
Gross Martin O’Halloran(2) 38 pts
Div 2 David Mulcahy(18) 39 pts
Best Visitor Brian Dignam(6) 39 pts

Two’s club winner will receive €10 for each 2 they had.

Overall Winner Edmond Phelan(17) 42 pts
Div 1 Jimmy Dunne(12) 41 pts
Gross Niall O’Sullivan(2) 39 pts
Div 2 Gavin Brennan(17) 42 pts
Visitor Michael Comerford(5) 40 pts

10 winners in 2’s club with each getting a €10.

Overall James Donovan(11) 42 pts
Div 1 Andrew Needham(4) 40 pts
Gross Jeff Lynch(2) 37 pts
Div 2 Coleman Loughnane(15) 40 pts
Best Visitor Donal Kelly(16) 37 pts

Over 120 players braved tough conditions over the weekend especially those hardy souls on Sunday.
Only one player beat 36 points and that was a great result as he was playing off 3.
We also had almost 50 visitors playing.

Overall winner Niall O’Sullivan (3) 39 pts
Division 1 Michael Green (0) 36 pts (Visitor)
Gross Jeff Lynch (2) 33 pts
Division 2 Michael Kavanagh (18) 35 pts
Best Visitor Brian Dignam (6) 34 pts

Overall winner Martin Doheny(16) 41 pts
Runner up Ross Holden(5) 41 pts
Gross Andrew Needham(4) 40 pts
Best Visitor Brian Dignam(7) 39 pts

Another day for fantastic scoring with 8 players on 40 pts or higher.
Our Greens must be getting back to their best when scoring like this is happening.

Special mention to Jeff Lynch playing off 3 with 44 points and he took just 66 strokes to play his round.

Overall Winner Shane Kirwan (16) 48 Pts
Div 1 John Norris (10) 46 Pts
Gross Jeff Lynch (3) 44 Pts ( Gross 41 Pts)
Div 2 Cathal O’Leary (17) 45 Pts
Best Visitor Corey Dwyer (18) 38 Pts

There were 13 winners in the 2’s club and each two is worth €10.

Overall Patrick Roche(29) 50 pts
Div 1 Dinny Murphy(7) 42 pts
Gross Ross Holden(5) 39 pts
Div 2 Eoin Maher(16) 41 pts

We also had a hole in 1 on the 8th hole by Joe Madigan who will get half the 2’s pot.
The remaining 10 players will get a fiver each as they split the other half
between them.

Another good entry into the Open Singles. the winner played great golf and was only one over par Gross.

Overall Adam Comerford (12) 47 pts Visitor
Div 1 Richard Condon(5) 40 pts
Div 2 Tony Power(17) 38 pts
Gross Niall O’Sullivan(3) 38 pts