RGA Results

On Monday 28/09/20 the RGA Charity Fundraiser in aid, this year, of The Good Shephard in Kilkenny was played with an entry of 46 players. The event was well supported and thanks to all for their support.

Results of the 4 man team event:

1st: Eamon Holohan, Larry O’Shea, Murt Duggan & Andy Whelan 78 pts C/B

2nd: Paul Coogan, John Butler Snr, John Butler Jnr & John Kirwan 78 pts

3rd: Roger Kennedy, Michael Phelan, Dick O’Shea & Glenn Wilson 73 pts

On Monday 05/10/20 a 2 man Scramble was played with an entry of 36 players.

1st: John Ryan & Tommy Phelan 53.1 Pts

2nd: Michael Power & Glenn Wilson 56.7 Pts

3rd: Jim Wellwood & Padriag McMorrow 57.4 Pts

4th: Colman Loughnane & Joe Kavanagh 59.2 Pts

The RGA President – John Kinchella – Prize which was to be played on Monday 12/10/20 has been cancelled/postponed owing to the new Covid 19 restrictions. However a normal RGA Singles Stableford outing will be held from 11.00 for those available to participate.

2 Man Scramble

1st John Healy & Glenn Wilson 48.5pts

2nd Eamon Holohan & Willie Gilbert 49.1pts

3rd Jim Ahern & Tommy Gleeson 49.8pts

Friday 06/12/2019 RGA Xmas Dinner.

*Please ensure you put your name on the list*

Monday 18/11/2019 Normal RGA


Category A

1st Coleman Loughnane 34 pts

2nd Eddie Tallent 32 Pts

3rd Paul Coogan 31pts

4th Tom O’Brien c/b 30pts

Category B

1st Brendan McDonald 30 Pts

2nd Cathal O’Reilly 24 Pts

3rd Tommy Phelan 27 pts

4th Kieran Ryan 24 Pts

Monday 14/10/2019 – Normal RGA

Cat A

1st John Healy 24pts

2nd John Grace 22 pts

3rd Paddy Grace 19 pts

Cat B

1st Jim Kehoe 21pts c/b

2nd Michael Comerford 21 pts

3rd Willie Gilbert 19 pts

Monday 30/09/2019 Normal RGA (Format TBA)

Monday 07/10/2019 Rescheduled Fundraiser

51 players

Overall – Michael Somers 37 pts


1ST Coleman Loughnane 35 pts

2nd Jim Ahern 34 pts

3rd Martin Maher 32 pts

4th Michael Grace 31 pts


1ST Michael Phelan 35pts

2nd Tony Drennan 30pts

3rd Larry O’Shea 29pts

4th Jim O’Connell 28 pts


Front 9 – Joe Pollard

Back 6 – John Kirwan

Nearest Pin 4th – Jim O’Connell

Nearest Pin 14th – Jim Wellwood

Most Golf played – Kieran Ryan


Monday 23/09/2019 RGA FUNDRAISER 

1st Jim O’Brien & Denis Murphy & Joe Kavanagh 63 Pts C/B

2nd Paul Coogan & Michael Somers & Liam Walsh 63 Pts C/B

3rd Coleman Loughnane & Andy Whelan & Pat Wall 61 Pts


Monday 16/09/2019 – President (John Kinchella) Prize

Monday 23/09/2019 – RGA Fundraiser

1st Jim Ahern & Padraig McMorrow 44.6pts

2nd John Kinsella & Eddie Tallent 45.2pts

3rd John Healy & Cathal O’Reilly 45.6pts

4th Michael Grace & Coleman Loughnane 45.8pts


Monday 09/09/2019= 1-2-3 Team Competition

1st Jim Wellwood, Michael Grace & Kieran Ryan 51.4 pts

2nd Paul Coogan, Marty Parker & Glenn Wilson 52.9 pts

3rd Eddie Tallent, Adrian Fitzpatrick & Joe Kavanagh 54 Pts


Monday 26/08/2019 – Normal RGA – Singles

RGA Charity Fundraiser postponed to 23/09/2019